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After the post about the 25 restaurants run or served by deaf people all over the world, it is now the turn of the 21 cafeterias and hot beverage premises. As in restaurants, most of these places also offer sign language as an additional attraction.

You can also find all these cafeterias located on a map in the section Unusualverse World.

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 Berlin   Cafeteria 

  • Name: Café Olé mit Sezer
  • Media:

It is the first coffee run by a Deaf person in Berlin. It offers fresh cakes, breakfasts, quiches and other sandwiches, as well as a wide range of coffee, tea and soft drinks.


 Melbourne   Cafeteria 

  • Name: Tradeblock Café
  • Media: |

Melbourne was chosen in 2011 as the best city in the world to live for its high standards of living and low levels of poverty. the Tradeblock Café is in this beautiful city, run by Deaf people, which in addition to serving coffee, offers cakes and sandwiches. Orders can be made directly in australine Sign Language or, if you don't know it, through a tablet at the desk with which you can also learn sign language.


 Yangon   Cafeteria 

  • Name: The Able
  • Media:

In this cafeteria all the workers are Deaf. Opened in 2019, orders can be made in Sign Language or by pointing to the menu. The cafeteria, in addition to serving traditional Burmese food, operates as a book cafeteria, i.e. customers can buy books while drinking a cup of coffee or tea.


 Bogotá   Cafeteria 

  • Name: Sin Palabras Café Sordo
  • Media: |

In the cafeteria 'Sin Palabras' (Without Words) the televisions show musical videos interpreted to sign language and is on a wooden floor to transmit the vibrations of the music. The music is at the same volume as any other place, but thanks to the wooden floor, deaf people can also feel it. The six waiters of the cafeteria are Deaf people.


 Zagreb   Panadería 

  • Name: Silent Caffe
  • Media: |

The clients of this cafeteria can make their orders through a tablet in each table. The cafeteria was inaugurated in 2017 with three Deaf workers and it is also possible to place orders in Sign Language.


 Quito   Cafeteria 

  • Name: Café en-Señas
  • Media: |

The walls of this cafeteria are decorated with the fingerspelling of the Ecuadorian Sign Language and, although the owner is hearing, their baristas are Deaf.

United States

 Washington DC   Cafeteria 

Its opening in 2018 was an instant success, not only because of the popularity of the cafeteria franchise but also because it is only a 15-minute walk from the Gallaudet University, the only university in the world of and for Deaf people. The personalization of this Starbucks has been superb: decorated coffee cups, aprons with the word Starbucks on the fingerspelling of the American Sign Language, wall paintings about Sign Language, and so on.

 Austin   Cafeteria 

They started out as a street stall and right now he's looking for a location. It is worth paying attention to their social media for the reopening, as they offer authentic American coffee in multiple varieties and other teas.


 Paris   Cafeteria 

This cafeteria offers Sign Language classes on scheduled days. The owners, Frédéric Soualmi and Stéphane Fabre are Deaf and the second is also a teacher of French Sign Language.

Hong Kong

 Hong Kong   Cafeteria 

  • Name: My Little Coffee
  • Media:

In addition to the cafeteria, My Little Coffee sells coffee beans directly at two other stores. The cafeteria is not decorated in Sign Language but the owner only hires Deaf people.


 Depok   Cafeteria 

This cafeteria had in 2016 up to twelve Deaf people employed and is open to both Deaf people and hearing people who want to learn Sign Language.

 Depok | Jakarta   Cafeteria 

This cafeteria has an interesting decoration with authentic Vespa motorcycles on exhibition. The employees are Deaf and you can place your order by pointing to a large drink poster.



 Kingston   Cafeteria 

Deaf Can! Coffee is a coffee catering and cafeteria business opened in 2015 and run by Deaf Carlyle Gabbidon and Fabian Jackson, then 27 and 21 respectively. Customers can place their orders in Sign Language, using gestures or pointing on the menu.


 Nairobi   Cafeteria 

  • Name: Pallet Café
  • Media:

Pallet Café is an artistic place that offers coffee and a wide variety of meals for affordable prices, served by Deaf people. Customers can place orders by pointing to the menu or writing on a note.


 Kuala Lumpur   Cafeteria 

Located within a shopping mall, most of the staff at this Starbucks Coffee is Deaf. Just like the Washington location, everything is personalized: the apron, the coffee glasses, etc.

 Petaling Jaya   Cafeteria 

  • Name: Coffee Sprex
  • Media: |

The coffee in its different forms offered by the Deaf baristas can be served with traditional dishes from Malaysia.


 Morelia   Cafeteria 

  • Name: GatoSordo
  • Media: | |

In the beautiful and historic city of Morelia, Mexico, you will find the Cafeteria GatoSordo, where Deaf and hearing people are served in Mexican Sign Language by 24-year-old deaf waiter Daniel Aarón and hearing entrepreneur Magdalena Vargas.


 Granada   Cafeteria 

  • Name: Café de las Sonrisas
  • Media: | |

The history of this Cafeteria is very interesting: Antonio was a hearing chef in Manhattan who one day got tired of everything and travelled to South America looking for a place to open his own restaurant, until he had to stop for a heavy rain in northern Nicaragua, where he met a Deaf boy who changed his life.

Czech Republic

 Prague   Cafeteria 

  • Name: Tichá Kavárna
  • Media: |

This Cafeteria in beautiful Prague has Deaf waiters and bakers. In addition to serving coffee and some dishes, their speciality is sweet and salty pancakes. It has an outdoor space and a children's corner.

South Africa

 Cape Town   Cafeteria 

'I Love Coffee' is the first cafeteria in Cape Town, South Africa, where clients can have a coffee while learning Sign Language from their deaf baristas. The cafeteria wants to "transform the vision of disability into an understanding of Deaf culture".


 Ho Chi Minh City   Tea House 

This tea house is located in an area declared a World Heritage Site and is in a peaceful and pleasant environment. In fact, at the entrance there is a parchment hanging on the wall that says 'The Beauty of Silence'. Since most of its staff are Deaf, clients can order in Vietnamese Sign Language or with small blocks of wood. It was founded more than 15 years ago and also sells local handicrafts made by people with disabilities.

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