Sam Feldt: Sign Language Is Louder Than Words


The idea of introducing Sign Language in the video came from the director of the music video, Isaac Tomiczek, who was inspired by one of the lyrics of the song: 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words'.

Sam Feldt (photo: electro vibez)

The director said about it:
The idea of actions being louder than words really supported the narrative and the visuals and that's when the idea of sign language came into play
The couple in the video are not DJ Sam Feldt and singer Kimberly Anne, but a real-life couple of a Deaf girl and a hearing boy (confirmed by the director and Sam Feldt on his Facebook page).

The hearing boy learned Sign Language when he met her, and in the music video, it was recorded while the deaf girl was practicing the performance of the song in Sign Language. The result was so 'real and genuine that everything else in the narration [of the video] conveyed a more authentic feeling', in words of director Tomiczek, hoping that this would show a more sincere emotion that it would not be possible to pretend with actors.

This is the music video on YouTube, titled 'Show Me Love':

This is yet another example of the beauty of Sign Language and its ability to communicate deep feelings in music, as other artists have already done and as seen in Unusualverse: Sia, Ed Sheeran, and so on.

The video has already more than 12 million views, although other versions and remixes with the same protagonist couple have already reached 58 million reproductions on YouTube (see remix EDX's Indian Summer oficial and remix EDX's Indian Summer).


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