Deaf Restaurants: They Conquer the World


There are many more, but here you have 25 of the restaurants you can find all over the world managed or served by Deaf people. Food of all kinds: fast food or healthy food, exotic or traditional.

In most of these establishments, sign language is also attractive for the client, who enjoys learning it from their Deaf professionals and in a genuinely immersive atmosphere.

You can also find all these restaurants located on a map in the Unusualverse World section. Let's eat!

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 Cairns   Restauramt and Coffee  

Eat Real Cairns is a restaurant and cafeteria that focuses on fresh and healthy foods. The founder, Elsa Lim, has hired six Deaf waiters and people can place their orders in Australian Sign Language helped by posters with the signs.


 Ghent   Restaurant 

In Ghent you can eat one of the many soups at Soepbar Sordo, a place opened by Christophe in 2016, but you can also taste many other exquisite meals and desserts.

Christophe is Deaf and has decorated his soup house with Sign Language drawings that customers can learn or point to place their orders.


 Aracaju   Ice-cream Parlour 

The idea of this ice-cream parlour is from Oliveira, a profoundly Deaf person who promises "delicious ice-creams and desserts".

He sells a variety of handmade milk-based ice creams with natural flavors of exotic fruits found in northeastern Brazil. The flavors range from mango to sapote (a tasty fruit covered in peel) to guava, peanut and jabuticaba (a sweet berry with black, white and purple flesh).


 Langley   Restaurant 

Poke means "cut" in Hawaiian and are pieces of raw and marinated fish, usually tuna, on rice and covered with vegetables and umami sauces. The restaurant was founded by a Deaf person, Dalong.


 Guangdong   Bakery 

  • Name: Silent Cake
  • Media:

Ten of the eleven people working in this bakery are Deaf, including the assistant director, cashier and waitress. Customers can place an order by pointing a menu or in Sign Language.


 Vrable   Restaurant 

  • Name: Deaf Kebab
  • Media: |

Pavel and Robert are two brothers, the first Deaf and the second hearing, who run this kebab establishment in Slovakia, decorated with Sign Language and other motifs of the Deaf community.


 Barcelona   Restaurant Bar 

At Ziryab Tapas Restaurant & Lounge, all waitresses and waiters are Deaf. Its owners, the English brothers Emlyn and Kate, do not boast of it because they consider it normal, but of having one of the best shishas (water pipes) and Taybeh (Palestinian beer) in Barcelona.

United States

 Glendale   Restaurant 

Opened in 2018, the restaurant is inspired by the sister of one of the owners, who is deaf. So anyone can make their orders in Sign Language. It is a small place with a simple but fresh menu. Videos in Sign Language are shown on television screens.

 Austin, Texas   Restaurant 

This deaf family, Inna Giterman and Maksim Kleimenov, started the crepe business with a mobile van and have already opened their first two stores. The restaurant offers two types of crepes: sweet and salty.

All employees, about 30, are Deaf and clients can easily place orders by pointing to a large menu if they don't know Sign Language.

 San Francisco   Restaurant 

Mozzeria is a tasty Italian restaurant in San Francisco (USA), founded and run by Deaf people, Russell and Melody. It has been in operation for almost a decade and all its staff is 100% Deaf.


 Burdeaux   Restaurant 

  • Name: Resto Chut
  • Media:

Baptiste Boucherie is not deaf but he learned Sign Language more than 20 years ago, so he opened this restaurant where he hires only Deaf people. It serves traditional fresh and homemade food. All the vocabulary clients may need is in Sign Language drawn on paper tablecloths, so they can learn it or just point it out.

 Paris   Restaurant 

Both the owner of this restaurant and the chefs and waitresses are Deaf people. It serves foods and drinks of oriental origin, being able to make the orders indicating in the menu or indicating its letter of the fingerspelling that marks each plate of the menu.

 Paris   Restaurant 

This vegan restaurant was the idea of 30-year-old Deaf entrepreneur Arthur Devillers. Furaha Break offers vegetarian specialities from all over the world. To place your order, you point it out on a menu with illustrations of the meals, you receive the order number and a buzzer alerts you when your dish is ready. While waiting or eating, you can see basic signs of French Sign Language on the TV.

 Tolouse   Restaurant 

  • Name: Resto Tapas L'Oreille Cassée
  • Media: |

The L'Oreille Cassée tapestry is an initiative of two Deaf people: Jérémy Perrin, barman and photographer by profession, and Sebastien Rocton, chef and restaurant professional. L'Oreille Cassée is translated into English as "The Broken Ear" which, curiously, is a 1937 Tintin comic. Jérémy and Sebastien made a great effort to find the right place and the necessary funding, but they finally got it in August 2018. And, of course, they will attend to you in Sign Language.


 Indore   Restaurant 

The menu is in sign language and the 27 waiters and waitresses are Deaf and communicate in Sign Language. The restaurant was inspired by another Canadian restaurant for Deaf people.

 Calcultta   Coffee Restaurant 

Echoes have three locations in India (Delhi, Bangalore and Calcutta), all staffed by Deaf persons who use graphic menus or Sign Language to communicate. The establishment uses creative ways for customers to communicate with the waiters: to call the staff, a buzzer at each table switches on a light at the counter. In addition, customers have several posters on each table with frequent requests such as 'water please', 'bill' or 'thank you'.

 Hyderabad   Restaurant 

To eat or dine at this restaurant is to enter into a playful space in which Sign Language is the main attraction, as customers can use cards to communicate with their Deaf waiters and waitresses, learn Sign Language from wall posters or see the menu in attractive Sign Language illustrations. Of course, the restaurant staff is happy to teach basic signs for orders. It serves Indian and Chinese food.

 Jaipur   Restaurant 

The owner, Ashish Vitthal Sharma, guarantees serenity in this restaurant. Sharma is a law graduate who decided to open the restaurant exclusively hiring Deaf people and learned Sign Language from them. As usual, clients can place their orders by pointing to the menu. A large mural on the wall reads: 'my eye is my ear, my hand is my mouth'. The waiters will also offer you small classes in Sign Language.


 Segrate   Restaurant 

  • Name: Alis
  • Media:

Just a 30-minute drive from beautiful Milan, Alice, a young deaf woman born at only 23 years old, opened her focacceria in the town of Segrate. The mayor of this town visited the place and was delighted with his 'Focaccia al Formaggio'. The name of the place, Alis, is formed by the A of Alice and LIS, an acronym of Italian Sign Language.

 Brescia   Restaurant 

  • Name: Aperisegno
  • Media:

Cocktails and aperitifs by the hand of Alfonso Marrazzo, founder of this place that has decorated its walls with sign language. Customers can choose to indicate their order on the menu or try to say it in Italian Sign Language. If you choose Sign Language, you get a discount on the bill.

 Bologna   Bar Restaurant 

  • Name: Senza Nome
  • Media: |

Senza Nome translates to English as "no-name" and is a bar-restaurant opened in 2012 by Sara Longhi and Alfonso Murazzo, both Deaf people. In addition to offering dishes and drinks, they have cultural programs of exhibitions, concerts, courses, workshops, and so on. Orders can be made in Italian Sign Language directly to their Deaf staff or by pointing out photos of the signs.


 Tokyo   Coffee Restaurant 

Yanegi opened this restaurant in 2011 thinking of a space in which, in addition to Deaf people, anyone could go to find a place to concentrate studying (since it is close to the University of Tokyo) and in which Deaf and hearing people could come closer. Its menu includes soups, pasta and cakes.


 Kathmandu   Coffee Restaurant 

This fast-food franchise in Nepal, founded in 1991, began hiring Deaf staff in 1997. They had no experience or training, so the company's founder, Shyam Kakshapati, personally trained them, describing it as "one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences for him. Impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the Deaf people, he has continued to increase his staff to 45 hired Deaf people. Its diverse menu consists of soups, hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches, etc.


 Islamabad   Restaurant 

  • Name: Abey Khao
  • Media:

Faizan started this place with a street stand in 2016. Faizan and its employees are Deaf people who communicate in Sign Language. They offer small but original snacks such as 'tornado chips', a kind of potato chip skewer, chicken burgers, a variation of samosa, and so on. The favourite dessert of the clients is the chocolate brownie.


 Da Nang   Restaurant 

  • Name: Bread of Life
  • Media:

In this Vietnamese restaurant, the chefs are deaf and the waiters are hearing, all of them communicating in sign language. The restaurant was opened in 2005 and is a reference for tourism, as it specializes in Western food. In 2015 it obtained the Certificate of Excellence through the TripAdvisor travel website.

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  1. One Sense, a deaf-owned restaurant in Roma, Italy, deserves a mention.

  2. Hi everyone! Check out a list of over 80 deaf cafes and restaurants from around the world! A must-see deaf culture site! =>

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