Sign Language Is Cinematics

Kinematics in physical science is the study of the motion of objects independently of the causes that produce that motion. In sign language, cinematic is a combination of two concepts: the ability of Sign Language to create the sensation of motion and visual rhythm in a narrative

Persona sorda expresando una acción cinematográfica en lengua de signos americana
Example of cinematics (photo: American Sign Language Classes)

In order to do this, Sign Language makes use of its visual and spatial features, using sign space, classifiers, role reversals, etc. This is quite difficult to achieve in spoken languages, as the Deaf artist Cobi Sewell shows us in the following video with the film Transformers (in American Sign Language and English subtitles that are activated by turning off the audio):

As can be seen, in an spoken language it would take a lot of words to narrate the film at the same speed as Cobi does. For a person who does not know Sign Language, it may be difficult to understand, but Cobi is very skilfully using a large number of cinematographic techniques in sign language: zooms, cuts, angles, shots, etc.

In this other Unusualverse post there are also two more examples of the cinematic use of Sign Language, and in the following video, another Sign Language expert does something similar with the film The Matrix (in American Sign Language):

These cinematic techniques are also widely used in Sign Language narration and poetry, often with visual effects as in the following video (in American Sign Language):

In short, the cinematic capacity of Sign Language is truly amazing, although in many countries it has not yet been sufficiently explored. This link explains some of these cinematic techniques (in English and American Sign Language).

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