Infographic: Five Deafblind People You Should Know


Infographic Helen Keller, Laura Bridgman, Marie Heurtin, Alan Constable, Donald Gibson

Transcription for people with low vision or blindness:


Probably the most famous deafblind person in the world. Deafblind since the age of 19 months, she was the first to earn a college degree and a prolific writer. Praised for her intelligence and admired worldwide.


She was not as famous as Helen Keller but is recognized as the first deafblind person to learn to read and write, 50 years before Helen. Made famous by the writer Charles Dickens, some people believe she was even more intelligent than Helen.


Born deafblind in France, Marie learned to read and write in French since her educator Sister Sainte-Marguerite taught her sign language. Her life was made into a film in “Marie’s Story", to good critical acclaim.


Fascinated by cameras, he began at the age of eight making replicas of photo and video cameras out of cereal boxes and glue. He is now a sought-after ceramist whose works are exhibited at the prestigious National Gallery of Victoria in Australia.


This New Zealand sculptor was born deaf and became blind due to Usher Syndrome. Some of his stone sculptures are on display at the South Brighton Sculpture Garden in New Zealand.

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