These are the conferences that have been offered so far on Unusualverse. The topics focus on the talent of Deaf people, the contributions of Sign Languages, Deaf Gain and the benefits of Sign Language in the education of the deaf.

CNLSE Congress 2019

Speaking presented by Emilio Ferreiro on CNLSE Congress 2019
Title: Scientific popularization work about the benefits of sign language in education compared to pure oralism
Date: September 19th, 2019
Place: UNED Faculty of Humanities (Madrid)
Host: Centre for the Standardization of Spanish Sign Language

EDSU's 3rd Seminar (European Deaf Students' Union)

Title: Good news: there is a formula for deaf success!
Date: April 28th, 2019
Place: EDSU in Prague (Czechia)

Arabako Gorrak, Association of Deaf People of Alava

Title: Unusualverse
Date: February 8th, 2019
Place: Arabako Gorrak (Vitoria)

30º Anniversary of the Youth Commission of the Spanish National Confederation of the Deaf (CNSE)

Emilio Ferreiro en la CJS-CNSE
Title: Unusualverse
Date: November 18th, 2018
Place: Madrid

Federation of Associations of Deaf People of the Canary Islands

Conferencia de Emilio Ferreiro en Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Title: Forum of Deaf Cinema
Date: November 9th, 2018
Place: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Association of the Deaf of Zaragoza and Aragon

Conferencia de Emilio Ferreiro en Zaragoza
Title: Deaf children of the 21st century: from stigma to talent
Date: May 5th, 2018
Place: Zaragoza

Pompeu Fabra University

Conferencia de Emilio Ferreiro en la UPF
Title: Deaf Gain: when to lose hearing is to gain deafness
Date: March 9th, 2018
Place: Barcelona

Autonomous University of Madrid

Conferencia de Emilio Ferreiro en la UAM
Title: Unusualverse: discovering the talent of Deaf people
Date: February 28th, 2018
Place: Madrid

Altatorre Association of the Deaf in Madrid

Conferencia de Emilio Ferreiro en el Centro Altatorre de Personas Sordas de Madrid
Title: Unusualverse
Date: November 24th, 2017
Place: Madrid

CNLSE Congress 2017

Conferencia de Emilio Ferreiro en el Congreso CNLSE 2017
Title: Deaf Gain or how Deaf people and Sign Language are changing the world
Date: Octobre 26th, 2017
Place: Centre for the Standardization of Spanish Sign Language (Madrid)
Minutes (Spanish): PDF
Spanish Sign Language video: YouTube