Infographic: Benefits of Being Deaf


Transcription for people with low vision or blindness:
  • To be Deaf is not to be superior to a hearing persona. But depending on each person, it can have benefits, and some are quite nice.
  • You can communicate in Sign Language under water and through crystals
  • A supposed aphonia will not affect you if you communicate in Sign Language
  • You don't wake up from noises in your sleep
  • You can concentrate better on work between hearing people
  • You don't have to hear the farts (although you can smell them)
  • You can turn off your hearing aids or cochlear implant whenever you want and have peace
  • You have better peripheral vision to see everything around
  • In the countryside, you are not bothered by the sounds of animals such as crickets or roosters
  • You don't have to listen to the discussions of the hearing people
  • You have better body language skills and detect reactions that no one sees
  • External noises do not interrupt you while you are making love
  • If you have a migraine, the noises won't stop you from resting
  • You have higher mental rotation skills
  • You can easily watch films with subtitles
  • You can communicate in sign language with your dog or cat
  • Sign language is perfect for very noisy or very quiet environments
  • You can ignore those annoying advertising phone calls
  • You are not bothered by your roommate's or bedmate's snoring
  • If you are a sports referee, you don't have to endure insults from the stands
  • There's a celebration for you: International Week of the Deaf


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