Ariana Martins: Playboy's First Deaf Cover Model


The famous Playboy magazine is suspected of having been built on sexism. In the case of Ariana Martins, however, it may be a reason for celebration, as she is the first Deaf model to pose on the cover of the magazine.

Ariana Martins es la primera modelo sorda en posar en la portada de Playboy

In spring 2017 the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine published two covers, one of them for the collector's edition in which the model Ariana Martins appeared, the first Deaf woman to appear on one of its covers, something that in some media has been described as a historical landmark in the magazine.

La modelo sorda Ariana Martins celebrando su 33 cumpleaños
Deaf model Ariana Martins celebrating her 33rd birthday (photo: Kadiggia Pudelko - Musas da minha arte - Xs Excess Comunicação)

A Life Dedicated to Modeling

Ariana started parading around the age of 22 and until now, at 35, has not stopped working. She dreamt of being on the cover of some of the fashion magazines, but the opportunity did not come because of the prejudices she received for being deaf. One of the experiences she suffered was when she went to a famous modelling agency in São Paulo: after entering the room to be interviewed by the "booker" (who hires the models), she began to speak and be interpreted into Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) by the interpreter who came with Ariana. Immediately the booker said "we don't want you", without even asking her by name.

Finally, in October 2017, after a photoshoot, she was selected to be the cover of Playboy magazine in its Brazilian edition number 496, something that made her very happy, as Ariana said "I have been fighting for years to break prejudices in the field of fashion, and finally I received a national cover". Below you can see it in an interview after the news of being the cover of the magazine (no subtitles):

Ariana is from Balneario Camboriú, a small town in southern Brazil and currently lives in Curitiba, the largest city in the south, with almost two million inhabitants. The best way to follow Ariana is through her Instagram, where she already has more than 30,000 followers.

For a Good Cause

The editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine in Brazil also said that part of the earnings from the sale of this issue of the magazine was donated to an organization of Deaf people chosen by Ariana.

If you want to know more Deaf models, you can visit:


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