Ingrid Gomez, deaf contestant of MasterChef moves all Colombia


A young Deaf woman competed in the MasterChef Colombia 2016 television contest: Ingrid Gómez, who was 28 years old at the time. Although she was eliminated, in her farewell, the colleagues and the host Claudia Bahamón could not stop the tears, but the most surprising thing has been the reaction of support and solidarity that Ingrid has obtained from all the Colombian Deaf community.

La cocinera sorda Ingrid Gómez de Colombia durante el concurso de MasterChef
Ingrid Gómez during the cooking TV show MasterChef (photo: Ingrid Gómez)

Ingrid participated in the contest with her Colombian Sign Language interpreters, Natalia and Laura. The Deaf contestant not only beat hundreds of applicants to join MasterChef, proving her ability in haute cuisine, but also moved the whole of Colombia. MasterChef host Claudia Bahamon said goodbye to Ingrid at Instagram with these words:
Albert Einstein said that until all the individuals in a society are fully integrated into it, it cannot be said to be a civilized society. Today it makes you that example we want for everyone. You are an example of strength and courage. Many times with five senses we have mental limitations! Your kindness has no limits and dreams have no disability to stop them! I adore you dear Ingrid!
This is the video of the moment when Ingrid bids farewell to MasterChef:

The National Institute for the Deaf of Colombia (INSOR) congratulated Ingrid with a video on YouTube, with a message from the General Manager, Marcela Cubides:

Ingrid's career has not ended at MasterChef, her dream is to open her own restaurant for deaf people. Since MasterChef said that "she came with all the desire and all her seasoning to captivate the chefs Nicolas, Paco and Jorge. Ingrid is an example of perseverance and constancy to fulfil her dreams". Ingrid thanked for the opportunity and support with these phrases in her Facebook account:
I feel happy and grateful that I know I showed all my passion for cooking. This great dream doesn't end here, it just begins. MasterChef was the opening to that great door full of many goals and dreams to fulfill. I am grateful for this great opportunity.


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