Infographic: Five Benefits from Learning Sign Language


Transcription for people with low vision or blindness:

  • Can increase your charisma: a research by the University of San Diego shows that learning Sign Language improves nonverbal communication, which is one of the components of the charisma.
  • Makes you mentally more agile: RIT University research shows that early exposure to Sign Language improves mental skills related to executive functions.
  • Stops the progress of arthritis: organizations from Mexico and Chile have successfully launched projects to learn their Sign Languages in older people, obtaining the same results as traditional therapies.
  • Improves your peripheral vision: universities in the United Kingdom and France showed that learning Sign Language improves the answer speed in peripheral vision even in adulthood, useful for driving or sports.
  • Powers up your artistic skills: people who learn Sign Language take up to 35% less time than hearing people to find the most significant points of artworks or discover new meanings in poetry.

Can increase your charisma, makes you mentally more agile, stops the progress of arthritis, improves your peripheral vision and powers up your artistic skills

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