Infographic: Discover How Deaf Women Are Changing the World


Transcription for people with low vision or blindness:
  • Ashley Fiolek (USA): Professional motocross and multichampion.
  • Alexandra Borja (Colombia): Model, cover in Colombian magazines.
  • Alicia de Battenberg (United Kingdom): Princess of the British Royal Family.
  • Amanda Folendorf (USA): Degree in Political Science, Mayor of Angels Camp.
  • General Amaya (USA): Character from the animated series The Dragon Prince.
  • Amy Duarte (USA): Hollywood Movie Visual Effects Designer.
  • Angela M. Nardolillo (Germany): Computer programmer, activist and emergency aid worker.
  • Berta Tarrida (Spain): Skating hockey player in the Spanish national team and multichampion.
  • Carola Insolera (Norway): Super model, she has worked for Lagerfeld and Armani.
  • Christine Sun Kim (USA): Master in Visual Art, Sound and Music, artist and speaker.
  • Christy Smith (USA): Sociologist, contestant in the TV reality show Survivors.
  • Claudia Gordon (USA): Lawyer, Associate Director at the White House in 2013.
  • Cristina Marcos (Spain): Microbiologist and university teacher.
  • Emily Howlett (United Kingdom): Actress of theatre and television series.
  • Emmanuelle Laborit (France): Theatre actress, winner of a Molière Award in 1993.
  • Erica Trevino (USA): Texas State Police Officer since 2018.
  • Ildikó Újlaky-Rejtő (Hungary): Fencing, won seven Olympic medals.
  • Ingrid Gómez (Colombia): Chef, contestant of Master Chef Colombia in 2016.
  • Jennifer Lescouet (France): Photographer, second award in the magazine Réponses Photo.
  • Johanna Lucht (USA): Computer Engineer, works on active missions at NASA.
  • Kassandra Wedel (Germany): Bachelor of Arts, Dancer, Choreographer, actress and artist.
  • Laura Redden Searing (USA): Journalist, poet and New York Times correspondent.
  • Lauren Ridloff (USA): Theatre and TV actress (The Walking Dead).
  • Marlee Matlin (USA): Actress, best actress Oscar winner in 1987.
  • Marsha Wetzel (USA): NCAA Division I Basketball Referee in 2002.
  • Nellie Zabel (USA): Aviator, she got her official pilot's license in 1928.
  • Petrona Viera (Uruguay): Painter, one of the best in plastic art in Uruguay.
  • Pilar Lima (Spain): Social Worker and Senator in the Spanish Parliament.
  • Vanessa Peretti (Venezuela): Model, Miss Venezuela International 2006.
  • Wilma Newhoudt (South Africa): Parliamentarian in South Africa for more than 15 years.
  • Xiaoshu Alice Hu (Austria): Artist, activist and disAbility Talent Consultant.
  • Ziyue Chen (Singapore): Illustrator of children's books and mural painting.

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