Sergio Ruiz: First Deaf Dancer in a Spanish TV Contest


Fame, Let's Dance! (Fama ¡a bailar!) was a Spanish television contest broadcast between 2008 and 2011, similar to So You Think You Can Dance, in which a group of young people competed in a dance academy. In its third season, Sergio Ruiz, the contest's first Deaf dancer and possibly one of the few Deaf contestants who have been on television in Spain, was submitted to the casting.

El bailarín sordo Sergio Ruiz en una imagen para Fama ¡a bailar!
Sergio Ruiz (imagen: FormulaTV)

At the time of the contest, Sergio was 22 years old. Sergio's presentation can still be seen on the Cuatro TV Channel here:
Sergio has a hearing impairment. He has 22 % of hearing. He has wanted to dance since he was a child, although it all started after seeing a concert by Michael Jackson. The style he dominates the most is hip-hop as he works as a instructor of this style. He is an affectionate, friendly and cheerful boy who is very eager to learn lyrics.
Sergio went to the casting wearing a t-shirt on which he had written "Long live the Deaf Community" and in the casting event you can see a pendant of a hand, symbol of Sign Language. Sergio was proud of his background and condition, as he is son of Deaf parents and a user of Sign Language, but he easily adapted to the requirements of the contest, as can be seen in the following video:

Sergio's Latest Projects

Currently, Sergio is still a dance instructor and sometimes performs and participates in spots or music videos. The following video is from 2012:

In 2015, Sergio was invited to the famous Spanish TV show The Anthill (El hormiguero), where he was scheduled to give a short performance. For lack of time, it could not be, but in the backstage, he records a video with the singer Edurne (Spanish representative in Eurovision 2015), who sings a capella while Sergio performs it in Sign Language:

Edurne canta Amanecer a capella mientras Sergio lo interpreta en lengua de signos. Qué emocionante.
Posted by El Hombre de Negro on Martes, 16 de junio de 2015

Finally, he has recently been seen fleetingly in an advertising spot for a brand of hair products:

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